Photographer:  J. Blaine Bonham, Jr.

I am an enthusiastic photographer, a very visual guy blessed with a ‘good eye,’ whose mind snaps imaginary pictures all the time.  I like to explore, finding the visually unusual in the ordinary and sometimes lucky enough to capture the extraordinary in pictures.  

I have several passions that present excellent opportunities for image-making.  I am an avid gardener, and I grow perennials and ornamental grasses in my beach garden in Lewes, Delaware.  Photography has enhanced that passion – I capture through photos outrageously colorful blooms, seed heads, and the architectural, yet organic, structure of plants. 

I am a traveler.  Several trips to India, to many of the countries of Southeast Asia, and to Mexico, as well as Europe, have provided sumptuous, eye-popping, visual feasts for my camera and me.

I’m also a committed urban optimist.  I love cities, especially the often chaotic way buildings, streets, signs, vehicles, monuments, and of course, people — alone, in small groups, or crowds — all weave together to create the richest fabrics.  What temptations for the picture taker. 

With these broad interests,  my goal is to share my experiences with friends and audiences through photographs that convey my personal excitement and wonder about life.